Renovation Info

In renovation situations it’s important to understand the scope of work and the details involved. When the floor coverings are taken up we can see whether or not the base (wall base and door jambs) goes all the way to the floor. If not, you may need to install new after the job is done or install a quarter round at the bottom of the base.

We strip the floor and the base paint may take on some damage from the stripper. The base will be protected but the stripper may wick up into the tape and break down the paint. The base and or quarter round may need to be repainted. If your base/trim is pressed board it may swell and need to be replaced.

If the covering was ever carpet, the tack strip nails at the edges will leave voids in the floor. We can patch these holes as well as other holes that may be in the field of the floor if desired. These patches will not take stain the same as the floor. Things like vinyl, tile, carpet or pad adhesive, tapelines, spills or damage from construction trades, etc. can leave an image. To help blend these areas we can use topical faux paints and stains that may need to be touched up on re-waxing / sealing.

Renovations generate unique issues along the way. If there are any questions, we stop and talk to the clients, explaining what we can do and what to expect from it. If it’s decided that we can’t go on, we only charge for labor and materials to that point.

Scoring, sandblasting, dry sanding, dry grinding, dry honing, and mixing all create fine dust. You must have all electronics, cabinets, window coverings etc…, removed or adequately sealed, covered and protected. We do not protect against dust and we cannot be responsible for dust clean up.

Please understand that we will protect everything and do our best to avoid damage to finished surfaces however you must allow for touch up or repair by any appropriate trade. We are not licensed plumbers or electricians. If the toilets, pedestal sinks or clawfoot tubs have flooring under them that needs to be removed, you’ll need to schedule a licensed plumber to remove and replace them.